Dispatches from Peoria: Javelinas Win! (Plus a Thanksgiving Message)

19 Nov

Peoria defeated Salt River 4-3 on Saturday to claim the AFL title. For more information, read our post on Blog Red Machine.

That’s right, we’re outsourcing our posts now. As the holiday passes, though, we’ll try to return to original BWN content.

But as long as we’re here…let’s give thanks.
Thanks for a great stadium.
Thanks for a team with great promise.
Thanks for the counsel of a major-league manager.
And, of course, thanks for your time and trust.

We’re almost at 70 followers — a mark we couldn’t imagine when we started tweeting. I remember sending tweet after tweet and thinking to myself, “Nobody is seeing this. I’m at 100 and nobody knows I’m there.” And now here we are, as the Dayton Dragons took notice the other day and followed us as one of the forty they track. It’s been an incredible run.

Ditto for the blog. I didn’t expect much for the offseason, thinking the crowd would thin as the season closed. The opposite proved to be true, as interest brought people in and consistency brought them back. We hit 500 views on Monday, eleven weeks after we posted for the first time. We literally couldn’t do it without you.

Our opportunity with BRM was a blessing. We can do what we love on a national stage and bring the Blue Wahoos to Reds fans across the country. Traffic to that site, among others, knocked the network offline yesterday. Another feat for which we give thanks.

So on our last Dispatch — and pretty much the last baseball game of the year — we thank you. Both sites will update on Monday, and we’d love to see you there. To you and yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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